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My father suggest me not to spend money in unnecessary matter.My mother seems angry when i lost money.My brother seems happy when i give him money from my pocket.Similarly friends may be far if they need to pay my bill. Is money everything?

If it is not than why their is a barrier between rich & poor? What the reason behind the death of people who are name as poor,who don't have money to pay for their treatment. Why the children of poor can not afford for higher education? On the other hand the children of rich people must study the subject which is highly recognize by society in order to show their prestige.I feel humiliation by the scenario of our society.How can we create equality? We all should think on it seriously. 

Money can buy everything but not inner satisfaction & happiness. Some people works hard and they did not get salary in time . They are forced to left the job due to money although they have desire, wish and passion to work . Dispute arouse in between boss and staffs . We study hardly by paying huge about of money . Many youths are moving toward foreign country due to poverty . 

Money is not everything but it is necessity to lead a life, to fulfill the wishes and desires of life . People have different kinds of wishes which may or may not fulfill . Is is also linked with money . Our mind should not money minded but we should feel the smell of money .