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Shrawan as a month of fashion

Shrawan is regarded as a month to pray for Lord Shiva. Most of the female of our country think that they can increase the age of husband by wearing green ring & decorating their hands with Mahendi. Is it possible to get good husband of good manner by the fasting? I found most of the unmarried girls wearing ring in their hand. Is this a tradition or fashion?

Most of the girl fast whole day without having any food. If we can get good husband by fasting i am ready to fast whole day in a year. If u want to pray, pray for humanity, serve for humanity. If female fast for long life of male, who will fast for long life of female? 

Most of the women wants to decorate them self with various ornaments. They focus on beauty than their duty. The growing fashion is one of the existing factor for downfall of women. The women are wasting their time as well as money to decorate themselves.The fashion will never let women to move forward and to achieve their aim.