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Mind is like a rubber. It expands according to our effort, dedication and hard work. We can use it to think positive as well as negative . It regulates according to our way and direction .

Sometime it thinks a lot which makes us lazy and no mood to work . Sometime it thinks positively which encourage us to work. Sometime it thinks negatively which discourage us to work . 

In some way of our life it fails to decide the appropriate way. What to do and how to use ? Wishes and desires are in one way and mind flows in other way . Both of them are immensely valuable but where to move, which direction to choose?

Sometime it says you should awake for your bright career. Sometime it says you need to sleep to decrease high ambition and thoughts. Just move ahead , let it flow , just watch and see , do not make yourself weak.

Several thoughts arouse in my mind. Some people guide to move in left way whereas some guide in right way. I am unable to decide which way to choose for my bright carrier. I am in the phase of learning. Lots of things are remaining to learn. I should do many things for my family as well as society. I need to deal with many persons to forward my step. Its hard to analyze who are right and who are wrong.

Problem arouse in life . Its easy to suggest other but hard to implement in own life . Hard to tackle the problem . All thoughts seems good but difficult to find the excellent . Career and study both are important for me . Money is also important to guide both of them. Where should i flow? Whether to choose career or money .

I think i need to be self dependence but I lost time to develop my skill . What to do? Where to move ? Risky and challenging moment of my life.