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Life is a journey of different amazing moments.It move according to situation & condition. No one can predict about future.In the Journey,there are many ups & down,happiness & sadness,progress & failure,many more,,,,,,,,,,Don't know who will suffer from which problem? Life is uncertain.It is full of struggle.Everyone has unique character than other.

Always be optimistic towards the way of life you are moving .Its better to believe on  yourself  , try to make it beautiful not with ornaments & make up but with your positive thought & hard work.Success is a part of life. Achievement can be gain by hard work.So, be laborious & follow the way of truth.

Life does not flow according to our wishes and desires . Neither it can be hold in our fist nor it can be stop like the burning fire with the help of water. It is like the flowing river . We decorate our life with lots of dreams. Among them some are fulfill whereas some crack on the way . We feel happy when the dreams come true whereas we feel sad and want to cry when the dreams are not fulfill. 

We left our parents , stay away from house in search of bright future . In the way we meet different people. Some are helpful whereas some pretend to help only with mouth and push our legs behind us. Really, the human mind is selfish who always wants his happiness, want to blossom his own life and kick other. This is the scenario of our society where I am struggling and searching my own identity. 

I am in learning phase of my life . Lots of things to do for myself, my family, society, country and for the world.