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Physical appearance

In the journey of life, we meet different persons with variety of thoughts, like the salad of different items. Some are smart by looks whereas some are smart by their mind. People carry different ability and capacity to do their work.

It does not mean the person with short height and thin body cannot perform work as the taller one. It does not mean they do not have ability to tolerate the gloomy incident of life.

Without providing them an opportunity, how one can claim that you are rejected due to your weak physical appearance?  They have two hands to work, two legs to walk whereas beautiful mind to thought. It might be difficult to do the physical work but it does not make any difficulty in mental works.

Someday my friends and relatives used to scold at me, as being a smaller one. I never take them seriously and always laugh at their words. Why should I worry for being small and thin? I can never be tall and fat with unnecessary burdens in my mind.

I am happy on myself and my physical appearance. I believe in my skill, passion, hard work, dedication, labor and enthusiasm towards the work. I know my duty and responsibility. I am responsible for my parents, relatives and friends.

But there is some unexpected incident in life, unexpected words from senior personality. The words are bitter and kill the energy. It is one of the challenging situation to open the doors of opportunities.

But I should fight with it, I must be strong. Although some people encourage me but I am alone to face the difficult. I am lonely to search the better way of my life. One day I need to show them that people should be judged by their mind, skills and ability but not with outer appearance.

Along with this the extra challenge appears within myself. I believe within the challenges there are opportunities too. I always forward my step in my hope. Let’s hope one day I can make them feel guilty with their words. It is an inspiration not a source of dissatisfaction.