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Feminist of Nepal

Feminism is simply the quest for the equality of the sexes which provokes strong reactions.They are an advocate or the supporter of the rights and equality of women. There are lots of feminist in our country who write articles in different magazines and newspaper as well as books. Among them Neelam Karki Niharika is one who has written many articles as well as book for the better life of women.

About Author:
Neelam Karki Niharika is a novelist, poet as well as story writer. She was born in 1974 A.D. in Palpa, Nepal. She has completed her MA in Nepali Literature. Her first poem was published in Kisan Magazine when she was in grade 6. Her first novel was published in 1994 AD. Karki’s book “Cheerharan” has become a best seller in Nepal in 2016. She is a well- respected writer in Nepal and her works are highly sought by newspapers, television and radio media. She has involved in different organizations as well as worked in different institutions.

She has written many novels such as “Maun Jeevan”, “Niyatiko Khel”, “Timi Ma ra Uni”and “Cheerharan”. She has also published story books such as “Hawan”and  “Kagaj ma Dastakhat”. Along with this she has also published poem books named Neelam Karki Niharika ka kabita , Brain Fever , etc. She has been awarded with different award and prize. She was awarded in National Poem Competition, Janmatsab National Poem Competition, etc. She was recently awarded by Padmashree Puraskar for her novel titled Cheerharan. Her latest book, Cheerharan, has been short-listed for this year’s edition of the prestigious Madan Puraskar- Nepal’s highest literary honour.

She is unique and a highly respected writer. Her writing skills have added a new dimension and continue to enrich Nepali literature. Her contribution to the social and political changes in Nepal can hardly be exaggerated. Her themes such as male-dominated society, caste, class, poverty, corruption, and tyranny has triggered intellectual debate among the Nepalese people and is providing impetus to on-going changes in the country.

Neelam Karki Niharika has written many articles related to feminism which is published in different newspapers and magazines. The book titled “Cheerharan” is based in the story of Mahabharat, myth of Hinduism. The story of ancient period is compare with the story of present women of our society. Some parts of Mahabharat is taken for this novel.  Some of the bad activities happen in past are still prevailing in our society.

The activities may not be same but the rape is prevalent in the society. Gender discrimination is still existing in many parts of our country. Many infant children are found in the street due to unwanted pregnancy. The birth of son before marriage and his abandon for the sake of society by Kunti is still found in some parts of our society.

There are many character in the novel who faced lots of challenges for the happiness of family and society. Mostly the wife is dominated by husband.  There is also dispute between mother in law and daughter in law. Women are forced to born child for the sake of family and society like Gandhari, Ambalika and Ambika. The problem faced by different female character is presented by writer.

One of the female character is Satyabati who face lots of problem due to bad smell in her body. She is married with old king Santanu to make him happy and to take care in his old age. Next character is Ambika. She has 3 sisters who were kidnapped by Bhisma. Her sister was in love relation with king Shalva. After the kidnap, she was rejected by her lover. Another character is Gandhari who is married with blind man Dhurtarastra. She closed her eyes with handkerchief for the sake of husband. Many man tried to kidnap her due to her beautiful face and body.

Similarly, another character is Dhaupatri. She is one of the strong and revolutionary character. She was introducing like things by her own husband and also the wife of five brothers. She was loose in card race by Yudistira and make naked in front of all Kaurab, Karna and many more people. After that she makes her hair open until she gets justice. She stands as a strong and bold character. There is other character such as Kunti, Bhanumati, etc.

From all the above character it is proved that women forsake many things for the sake and happiness of men. They are being used as a machine to produce son. Beautiful women are kidnap by most of the men. Most of the women are busy in taking care of husband and family. Many women are still kidnap by men. Women are forced to born child for the sake of family and society. The writer tries to aware women not to be only an instrument to produce baby. The role of Panchali inspires women to raise their voice and revenge against violence. The book make myself aware about the rights and roles of female in the society.

She is famous as a feminist because she compares the life of ancient women with present scenario of society. She presents the ancient story of Mahabharat which let us known about the condition of women in ancient period. She presents the weaknesses of women in front of men.