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Depression arise with high expectation

If we study carefully, we will be able to secure good marks in the examinations. If the output turns worse, our hopes drop down consequently burden coupled with tension and frustration float in our mind. For the failure, parents on the one hand blame us while on the other hand teachers and relatives exert huge pressure upon us. It is also similar in the journey of life. For instance, when we expect five thousand rupees and our parents offer half of our demand, our heart started to cry rolling tears from our cheek.

Depression is a serious kind of illness where people have low moods, stumpy self- esteem and loss of appetite or interest. Anyone whether children or elder may suffer from this disease. Thus, the disease has no any age limitation. It is the upshot of overwhelming sadness.  During a journey of life, ups and down may occur at any time. Untreated depression may lead to the serious hurdle which may put our life into serious risk.

Feelings of sadness or emptiness for more than a week is one of the symptoms of depression. Extreme irritability over minor issues, full of anxiety and restlessness, loss of desires in any activities are some of the emotional symptoms of the disease. In addition to the fixation on the past, meaningless about life, showing excessive anger over minor issues are other symptoms of this disease. Apart from emotional symptoms, there are also physical symptoms like insomnia or sleeping too much, debilitating fatigue, weight gain or loss, difficulties in making decisions, unexplained aches and pains among others.

Life is full of wishes and dreams. Some of the desires are easy to fulfill while other can’t be fulfilled. Various kinds of unwanted wishes may lead us towards wrong path. In the name of fulfilling wishes, we may encourage towards bad work. It is no doubt that we must have an ambition in life, but high dream or over ambition may lead to the frustration which turn into depression. Thus, self-satisfaction is a key point of life. We should try to enjoy on what we have achieved. Frustration may lead us to the depression. If we cannot fulfill our goal in the absence of hard work, patience and dedication we may be pushed towards depression.

Some people may be the victim of depression due to family problem, state of unemployment while others may fall due to high expectation. Likewise, some teenagers may move depression owing to break up in their love relation.

Most people do not notice or ignore depression at the earlier stage. They rush hospitals and rehabilitation center when the problem escalates. Although there is certain treatment it is hard to recover fully. Self-realization and meditation are some of the techniques to come out of the depression. Attempting to challenge the negative thoughts that overstays in our mind may also overcome depression. We may visit museum, read books and try to get pleasure by involving in different activities.

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