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Mental illness

Have you ever thought about mentally retarded person? Don’t you have any inquisition in your mind about their illness? Most of us and our society regard them in a peculiar way. Still, they are tagged as Pagal (insane) in our society.  Are they really awful people? Can’t we talk with them and share their ideas or feeling with us? I found most people try to walk far away from them (retarded person) as if the latter were evil of the society. Have you ever tried to talk with them? I have got many chances to interact with them. In fact, it’s really interesting to listen their story.

Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions along with disorders that affect our mood, thinking level and behaviors. Serious mental illness includes clinical depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder. In one context Psychologist Jarod Kintz  tells, ‘one in four people have a mental illness. You can be the one to make it two in four, if you will join me for a dance.’

Although the exact cause of most mental illnesses is not known, it is triggered by a combination of genetic, biological, social, psychological and environmental factors. Some factors like childhood abuse, social isolation, the death of nearest one, unemployment, poverty or debt may lead to the mental illness. Likewise, domestic violence, constant fragile  health condition or other chronic diseases,  long term stress are other contributing factors for the disease.

In a bid to obtain our aim and get to a  successful path, sometimes we behave as if we ourselves were insane peopleCertainly, no one desires to be a retarded person knowingly. Various ups and down and gloomy situation in  the path of life make them ill. The usual problem behind the illness in our country is family related problems, drug addiction and alcohol misuse.

Over ambition is one of the causes of this disease. No one analyses his or her  illness in thee earlier stage of illness. Thus it is wise to avoid over ambitious feeling in your mind and  live in fantasy. Work hard and follow a formula of patience in the present situation. Try to live a present life happily and never try to cheat other. Most people commit mistake in present and regret in future. Try to improve your mistake instead of penitent in the past. Juliette Lewis says ‘The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.’

Mental illness can distraught people of any age or  income, educational level and cultural background. Many chronic illnesses require ongoing treatment whereas some of them can be treated with medication, psychotherapy, group therapy, day treatment or partial treatment and behavior modification. Along with this, supplementary methods like water therapy, massage and biofeedback can also be implemented to combat against this disease.
Shannon L.Alder suggest ‘Never give up on someone with a mental illness. When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘We’, illness becomes wellness.’

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