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Dream of Social Work Student

A few months ago, I used to do an internship in a rehabilitation center to fulfill the practice of my course. I used to talk and play games with the mentally challenged and drug addicts.

 I found them different as I used to think about them. They were treated with medicine and regular counseling. Sometimes I was also allowed in the counseling room. They have their own problem behind their wrong behavior.

After that I got a dream to get some drug addict in my life not for love just to cure and relief them from the drug. Someone says, if you wish something it will come true. The same thing happens in my journey of life.

After 1 month one guy calls me when I was in office. He introduces himself as my fan and likes the article which I have posted on my blog about the mental problem. It was hard to believe me. I thought it might be blackmail. So, I threaten him with few words and cut call like a knife cut the vegetables.

Next day also he calls me when I was returning to the room from work. He introduces himself and told that he was also from Pokhara, the same city where I belong. He says he got my number from my blog. He also told his friend is in the hospital for the treatment. That article was relevant for his friend. I have written few words about the mental problem and not to hate them. He says that he feels pretty with those words.

I feel good when someone told that I read your articles and it touched me. Maybe all the writer feel the same. I just thanked him and have a doubt on him. My heart was smiling as I was near to fulfill my dream.

He started to call me once in a week. We used to have a simple conversation about our studies, work, family, and life. He used to call me from his landline by saying that his parents are out of the home. His speaks in a childish manner. He was 4th semester BBA student but he speaks as he was in grade 8.  I have a big doubt upon him whether he is child or youth.

I have a doubt upon him as he was a drug addict. But I was not able to ask him. I just used to pick up his phone. I used to speak with him by thinking that I will relieve him from drug one day.

One day he asks me when will you come to Pokhara? I have replied may be after few weeks. Will you meet me? I was unanswered for a while and say yes. I have also said him that I will stay in your house. At this time, he was in confusion by my question. As being a boy it is hard to take girlfriend in the house in our society. He says yes and question on me. What to say to my parents? Cannot you say she is my friend, I have replied. He just laughs.

In this way, we used to have a conversation on phone. Sometimes he used to call once in a week, sometimes once in a month. He also told that he loves writing and written few stories and articles too. Once he used to publish but now he left because his friend called him a writer. I was shocked by his thought. I suggest him to write continuously by making a blog. I have also suggested him to send his article. He has mailed me, it was nice. His writing was good.

After some time, he called me after months and told me that he has added to my Facebook and Twitter. I have accepted his friend request on Facebook and follow back on Twitter. He was very thin like a bird without the feather.

Next day it was about 8 p.m. when he sent hi on Facebook. After that, we started to have a conversation. After few chat, I have asked him a question which was burning in my mind since I used to talk with him from the beginning. Do you take the drug? He simply replied yes, how do you know? I have judged from your profile picture, answered. I have tried to call him in messenger but he cut my phone and says just to write text.

Till now also I am taking the drug so, I am unable to receive your call, he replied. I have raised him few questions. Why do you take the drug? Why don't you want to live in the real world?

He replied I am the single son of my parents. I have 5 big sisters. My parents have lots of property in my name. I have bank balance and everything. He has written a long message.

I have tried to convince him, cannot you live without the drug, please try to live in real world. Your parents have lots of hope on you. He replied who are you to give me a suggestion? I am nobody but a student of social work who wants to change the society and change the life of a person like you. He seems aggressive towards me and he had written you bitch! just go to hell and blocked me from Facebook and Twitter. I feel bad for that day.

I was near to fulfill my dream but not able. As being a social work student it is not easy to change a single person like the teachers give example while teaching. It is not easy as we give examples while writing the answer. I have deleted his number from my cell phone. Do not know I will meet the same kind of person again in my life or not. But the theory which I am learning is not working in my practical life.