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Whenever a boy is in front of  girl he flatter other and wanna be superior to himself. Keep in mind you will never reach to the path of success by insulting other. If you  are really intelligence than show in front of mass and stage, show your capacity in your exam of regular life.

Being a female my intention is not to dominate male but it is the real fact which I have been observing within my circle. Whenever I reach I found a guy being over talented in front of girl. I think an extra energy emerge inside him when he is with girl. Don't take it negatively it is not for all the boys.

It is only for those boys who disrespect one  girl when he his with other girl whom he like or............Please respect your friends. You need the help of other friends too. Do not speak unnecessary words .Speak according to situation and condition.Think yourself where you are and what to speak.

Try to respect all. Life is short and everyone wants to pass it happily. It hurts when you are back bitten by other.Keep in mind that your words also hurt other and being a human all have capacity to identify your satire.

 Lead your regular life by your own capacity but never try to show your over capacity. You know properly, you suffer from problem if u eat a lot. In the same way you will fail to reach to the destination if you show your over capacity.