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Old age

Whenever I walk on the way I found most of the old age person selling the water, chocolates & other materials. Most of them are above 60. Is this age  appropriate to stay in the corner or side of the road?Why they are selling things?

  Is it for their livelihood or to satisfy their children's wish? Different questions arouse in my mind.I am unable to find the appropriate answer. The old aged person must be respected and shouldn't involve in hard task.

Why the parents give birth to their child?Is it to kick and hate  their parents when they are old,,,,,,,Still there is bad concept in the people that they should give birth to son in order to fulfill their wish in old age.Why the old age people are working hard?Don't they have their son to take care  of them?

While I ask with few Old age person,"they told that they have their sons and daughters but they didn't care about them.Old age person should  treat politely and care like the child.Don't forget one day you will be old an your children also treat you in same way.